Words by our Group CEO

We are pleased to welcome both Exertus and LIMAB to Dacke Industri.

Business activity has been high during the last months. We notice increased activity from our customers, and we have an order intake increase of +30% during 2021. Sales have also been strong for the group and there is a need for products in almost all segments we operate in. The Pandemic is still giving us problems in terms of customer visits and it does affect our service level. In terms of service, there is only so much you can do without visiting the customer. As countries and societies are opening up, we can see a shift in the traveling patterns. It will be more planned and less ad-hoc in the future. Another interesting aspect is the way we work from home, out of the office. I believe we have to adjust allowing our staff to be able to work from home when possible and under clear-cut guidelines.

We look forward to busy autumn with a continuous high pace.

Please stay in touch and contact me if you are interested to know more about Dacke Industri.

Lars Fredin Group CEO lars.fredin@dackeindustri.se +46 76 770 71 00