Words by our CEO

In times of difficulties people tend to think twice about the decisions made. It goes for small decisions as well as decisions that will have a greater impact. But one thing is certain: You have to act!

Within Dacke Industri, all our companies are or will be, affected by the pandemic to a varying extent and varying degrees. In some of our companies we have felt the downturn early, while in a couple of our companies, we see that they will most likely be affected later in the cycle. A tougher question to answer is when we can expect a certain return to more normal levels, if possible. All of our companies CEO’s and management groups have acted quickly to adapt the business to today’s situation.

We believe that the coming three months will be challenging. The current situation affects customers, and society at large, and brings a higher level of uncertainty which leads to hesitance and pending investment decisions. Owners as well as the Board of Directors are worried and want their companies to move out of the crisis as intact as possible. Hence a lot of restraint and crisis awareness.

However, we also see positive signs that things are now slowly starting up around the world. More requests from customers discussing delivery plans and long-term commitments. There is a great desire to get back to business again. We must keep in mind that there is a world after this pandemic. Many of our customers, like us, are planning for the long term. We all have a responsibility to take care of our companies and our employees to ensure a healthy outcome.

For Dacke, we see opportunities and we will continue to do investments in well-managed companies. Our strategy is always long-term!

Best regards,
Lars Fredin