Words by our Group CEO


Dacke Industri wants to get in touch with companies that are planning a change in ownership. The year we have left behind has been very shattering and perhaps it has triggered thoughts about changing the ownership image of your company.

If you and your co-owners are considering changing ownership, we would like to make a first contact with you to see if Dacke Industri can be the right partner for the future.

In Dacke Industri, we focus on three areas or three different clusters that we have chosen to name. These are Buildings Systems and Products, Electronics and Industry. There are characteristics within each cluster that make them interesting as a group. For example, knowledge and relationships based on common customer categories are one such characteristic. Also, the fact that the companies within a cluster can share experiences and opportunities through knowledge exchange and the CEO meetings that we value a lot. All types of business are about relationships and cultures that must meet in some form. We are looking for companies that have strong self-confidence and a culture where we can contribute and learn from. We work long-term and we value stability and sustainable profitability. If you are looking for someone who can take advantage of the business you have built up and help to further develop and continue the journey that has begun - then we are the right player.

Give me a call to discuss!

Lars Fredin

+46 76-770 71 00
President and CEO

Dacke Industri AB

Lars Fredin Group CEO lars.fredin@dackeindustri.se