Polarteknik Oy de-mergers Pneumatics business to a new company in a partial demerger

Pimatic Oy to start on January 1, 2019

Polarteknik Oy de-mergers in a partial demerger its Pneumatic business operations to create an independent company. A new company, Pimatic Oy starts to operate on January 1, 2019 with focus on applied pneumatics and low- pressure hydraulics. Mission of the new company is to offer customers more added value from efficient pneumatic solutions and services.

Pimatic’s history in applied pneumatics dates back to 1974, and the new company name has been in active use as a brand name still today. With manufacturing and R&D facilities in Huittinen, Finland, the business employs appx. 50 persons and has net sales of 9 MEUR.

-Pimatic is the leading supplier of applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics in Finland. We are a profitable company with a strong vision for growth – especially, on the European market, says managing director Tomi Ojala. We are the proven partner in pneumatic solutions for many globally leading manufacturers in their industries. Thanks to our own R&D and the strong engineering capabilities, we can provide solutions for application areas where the standard products are not enough, he continues.

Focus on new customer opportunities

De-merging Pneumatics business operations to its’ own standalone company is also part of the owner Dacke Industri’s strategy to strengthen independent business areas separately, thus concentrating and specializing on chosen knowledge areas. 
-Our customer will benefit from the de-merger. While focusing on pneumatics, we can offer them more efficient and agile services, as well as new opportunities to enhance their productivity by developing new pneumatic solutions. Based on our long experience, we have the insight and understanding of customer needs in various industries and applications. We develop new products and innovations continually ranging from modified standard products and systems to engineered solutions, not to forget standard pneumatics either, Ojala explains.

Pimatic Oy develops, manufactures, supplies and services components, actuators and systems of applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics for industry, mobile, energy and process industry needs. The goal is to help customers enhance their efficiency by developing innovative and efficient pneumatic solutions even in applications where using traditional pneumatics is not possible.

After the partial demerger, Polarteknik Oy shall continue as an autonomous company with a focus on leading Door System solutions for rolling stock and world’s leading manufacturers. Polarteknik business employs appx. 75 persons with net sales of 15 MEUR. 

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